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“Next stop Washington Island!” shouts the staff. The kid’s eyes are wide-open and beaming with excitement as the table-top train comes around to deliver our drinks.

Food Delivered On A Train

This is PC Junction…the famous restaurant in Door County that delivers your food ON top of a model train!  But it’s actually SO much more than a unique place to eat with the kids! 

Did you know they also have a really cool outdoor play area?!?! It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before!

Old Truck Slide

This is a definite must-do on your family vacation to DC!


PC Junction
7898 County Rd. A
Baileys Harbor, WI
(located between Egg Harbor & Baileys Harbor!) 

Phone: 920-839-2048



PC Junction Restaurant

When you walk into PC Junction it reminds me a small “towny” bar.  There is a bar in the middle of the quaint space…but the difference is that on top of the bar is a train track!

 PC Junction

The patrons are seated around the bar and each group’s “section” is labeled with a Door County location (Bailys Harbor, Ephraim, Sister Bay, etc) and that is how you will know it’s your food coming around on the train. The staff will ring a bell and yell out “next stop Egg Harbor” and it will bring the order to the people sitting in that town’s section.

 Door County Town Signs

So a fun surprise was that the train not only delivers food…it cruises around the track every few minutes with toys on it!  The staff switches up the toys each time around so it keeps the kid’s engaged throughout the entire dining experience.

Minnie Mouse at PC Junction

One time it was loaded with dinosaurs, the next time around it was with Disney characters. You can't play with the toys, but the kiddos were excited every time to see what was going to be displayed next!

Woody at PC Junction

The BEST was when the train came around the track with a BUBBLE MACHINE on it!  That sure got us all pumped up and smiling! This is definitely an experience you can’t get anywhere else in the Peninsula.

Bubble Machine On the Train

So let’s talk food…the menu is small but did have all the classic favorites.

I did call ahead to see if they had gluten free bread, and they did not. BUT they did allow me to bring my own gluten free bread and they made my daughter a grilled cheese with it…so that was fantastic!

Food at PC Junction

My friend is on the Whole 30 diet and was able to find a delicious cranberry walnut salad to eat. I had the salad as well...with a bottled Sangria...and a side of fries (because let's be real here...I love me some good old deep-fried carbs! haha)

Salad, Sangria & Fries

They also had a full bar, so you can have an adult drink with your meal if you choose. Bonus points if it's day drinking, because that's how I roll.  ;-) (but please drink responsibly if you're driving or caring for kiddos!) #1AndDone #safetyfirst 

Full Bar

If eating with trains cruising around isn't your thing, there is another dining room that is trainless with traditional serving staff. Also an outdoor dining area that is like a covered pavilion.  

Outside Dining

There is also a back room with a couple of video games and toys!

Games at PC Junction

And for dessert, there's an ice cream case, which the kiddos got real excited about! Anddddd then they ate a few bites...set them down on a picnic table...and played outside while their ice cream melted in the sun! Parents, you know how this goes! Hahaha

Ice Cream at PC Junction

So about that outdoor play area...WOAH is it cool! AND FREE! Seriously, you can just roam around their large property and play all day! I do suggest being a paying customer if you are going to take advantage of their facility, but kudos to PC Junction for not charging extra for the outdoor area! We appreciate it! :-) :-) :-) 

Peddle carts at PC Junction

There is literally something outside for EVERY AGE-- crawlers, kids, teenagers, even adults! 

So what do they have? 

*Peddle Cart Course* 

Peddle Cart Course

4 Person Peddle Cart


*Tons of Playsets!* 


 Train Playground

Old Truck Slide

Water Tower Slide


*Outdoor Pool Table & Ping Pong!*

Pool Table Pavilion  

Outdoor Ping Pong Table


*Basketball Hoops* 
Basketball Game

Basketball Court

*Chickens & A Pig* 

Chickens at PC Junction




Did I mention the 2 amazing things that adults will love?!?! Ready for this....


Outdoor Bar

So basically, you can be a big kid and drink and play all day!  Woot woot! 

Eat lunch first, then spend that afternoon at PC Junction peddling around on the carts, visit the pig and the chickens, play some pool & ping pong, get wrapped in an intense game of basketball or chess, then bounce over across the street to Stone's Throw Winery for a tasting & bocce ball!

Stone’s Throw Winery

I LOVE Stone's Throw, we even had their champagne brought in for our wedding up North! ;-)

And while you're at Stone's Throw, grab a snack at Vino! Vino! Wine & Tapas Bar! They even use Wisconsin cheese and organic produce from their garden...sooooo up my alley! 

And when you're ready to do some dinner, head BACK across the street to Pizza Czar on the PC Junction property! 

Pizza Czar

Pizza Czar was closed when we where there in the afternoon. I believe it is only open in the evenings (but don't quote me on that!) 

This building is also where the open-air pavilion is with a ping pong table and checkers! I just love all the fun activities they have here! 

==> So what is my final thoughts on our day at PC Junction?

No matter what age you are--and whether you have a family or are just a fun group of adults-- you definitely want to make this a stop on your next Door County trip! 

You can literally start at 10am, park your car, and be entertained All. Day. Long. without even traveling. SO much to do right here at these two properties! 

Have Fun, 

Milissa at PC Junction

About the Author, Milissa Kloida-

Milissa is a wife, mother, and passionate Door County resident.
Writer of Door County Vibes

Milissa and her husband are the owners of DENN, a new store and creative   community in Door County.

She is a Certified Tourism Ambassador for the Door County and a wealth of knowledge for you during your vacation! 

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Have you been to PC Junction? Share you experience in the comments...would love to hear about it! 


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