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Free Family Outing on the Waterfront- Egg Harbor

We discovered a fun little gem in EGG HARBOR where we ended up spending the entire afternoon and didn’t spend any extra money. You read that right…TOTALLY FREE, and the whole gang had fun!  So where is this place?!? 

Egg Harbor Marina 
7815 Dock Road, Egg Harbor, WI 54209

Why We Loved Egg Harbor Marina:
1- FREE Bicycle Program
2- Playground
3- Public Restrooms
4- Lunch Pavilion & Grills 
5- Waterfront Walkway
6- Art & History
7- Free Wi-Fi

Bikes & Playground- Egg Harbor Marina


1. FREE Bicycle Program!!!
There is a bike rack with free (yes, totally FREE) adult bicycles for you and your family to take and enjoy around the town! This is a wonderful program called the “Eggie Bikes,” which is sponsored by local Egg Harbor businesses.  Each bike has a basket on the front (to put in your purse, cell phone, shopping bags, etc) and has a sponsor name on its license plate.  We hope you patronize these generous businesses that made this program possible!

Eggie Bikes

So how do you “check-out” a free bicycle? The Eggie Bikes are available on the HONOR SYSTEM!!! Yep, you don’t even need to give a deposit or leave your ID to take the bikes! It’s such a convenient system.  You can grab a bike and explore the area…just make sure you return it to one of the Eggie Bike stations when you’re done.

 Free Bicycle Program

And if your cycle needs repairs, don’t worry…there’s a whole station of tools available right there as well. The only thing to be mindful of is if you have smaller children, there are not any bikes with baby seats or bike trailers. These bikes would be for adults and older kids who can ride an adult-sized bike. 


2. Playground
The play area has a stunning backdrop, which overlooks the water…it’s such a serene setting.  There is a bench in the play area, which gives the adults a wonderful place to sit and relax while the children play.  

Playground- Egg Harbor Marina

This playground may be small, but it sure kept the kiddos busy and let them burn off some energy. There were kids ages 3-7 playing while we were there, and all were entertained. I did like that the area was fenced in, but there were 2 entrance openings, so little ones will still need to be closely watched….we all know they can be crafty little escape artists the moment you turn your back!  #WeveAllBeenThere

And as an added bonus, there are some adirondack chairs right outside the play area that face the water. (This is where we chose to sit, relax, and take in the scenery while the kids played.)  

Chairs By The Playground- Egg Harbor Marina
One great feature I noticed by these adirondack chairs, was an outlet on the nearby light pole. Why do I think this is so great?!? Well, it’s the perfect spot to charge your phone, or even plug in your breast pump and relax…if you are anchored down to a pump (I’ve been there, done that!) it’s probably the most glamorous location you could ever do it!
Enjoy that view Mama! ;-)

Outdoor Outlets- Phone Charging & Pumping Station


3. Public Restrooms

Because many places in Door County are seasonal businesses (open only during the summer months) many don’t have plumbing or bathrooms…not ideal when your child has one of those urgent “I NEED TO GO POTTY” moments! 
Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of stores and restaurants that DO have bathrooms, but they might not be close to you, or they are reserved for paying customers.

But fear not, the Egg Harbor Marina did indeed have restroom facilities for the general public to use! And they have running water! (Have you noticed many facilities in DC are outhouse-type toilets with hand sanitizer dispensers instead of sinks?!?) I was super pumped to find an outdoor public facility with running water!

If you are boater who paid for a slip at the marina, you are VIP and get to use a “boaters only” bathroom facility with showers in the boaters lounge.  So you get to be all fancy and stuff. 

Public Bathrooms & Water Fountain

4- Lunch Pavilion & Grills
As much as we enjoy eating our way through every restaurant in the Peninsula (there’s SO many amazing options!) our family needs to stick to somewhat of a budget while exploring. Having a picnic is always a fun way for us to save some money and eat a lot healthier.  
The Egg Harbor Marina has a really nice size covered pavilion with large picnic tables and a couple grills for the public to use.  
*FYI- you will need to supply your own charcoal, lighter fluid, and lighter if using the grills, so plan accordingly. 

Picnic Pavillion & Grills

A mega bonus is that the public bathrooms are right next the pavilion if you need to wash your hands, or take a bathroom break before heading back out to explore! 

If you prefer a smaller or more private eating spot, there are also blue pub tables scattered around. These are literally right along the water and a great spot to watch the boats come in!

So pack your cooler and all your favorite food and drinks for an inexpensive, yet enjoyable meal with a waterfront view! 

Waterside Tables

5- Waterfront Walkway
There’s just something about water that speaks to my soul, so taking a stroll on the marina’s long walking dock was just what I needed to top off my already great experience that day. 

Waterfront Walkway Dock

Waterfront Walkway at Egg Harbor Marina

The walkway is paved (stroller friendly) and lined with a massive stone breakwall  (I found out it was constructed with stone from a quarry in Sturgeon Bay) and you can sit right on the giant stones like a bench and stare out into the water or watch the sunset. There are also actual benches along the walkway if sitting on huge boulders isn’t your thing.  

Milissa at Egg Harbor Marina

***Be cautious with young kids on this walkway!!! I noticed that the stone breakwall was not always completely flush with the dock and some areas have gaps, exposing the water…your child could actually fall into the water if they weren’t paying attention or were being too adventurous!  This goes for small dogs as well! Although the chances are slim someone will actually fall in, my “mom anxiety” skyrocketed once I noticed that! So please hold your little one’s hand and you’ll be good. 

Border of the Walkway

Gaps Between the Dock & Walkway

6-  Art & History
There’s some interesting things to look at while you are at the marina.  We found the large direction sign to be a great conversation piece and I really liked reading about the nearby shipwreck. There were a few other neat things to discover while walking around like a statue and large boat anchor. So if you are like me and enjoy this kind of stuff, you will definitely want to venture around the property during your visit. 

Artist's Direction Sign

Statue at Egg Harbor Marina


Shipwreck in Door County

7- Free Wi-Fi
I am listing this feature last, because when I’m out with my family, being on my phone is my last priority. But, I know many people who need wi-fi for all sorts of fun reasons…launching some beachy music on their Pandora, posting pretty pictures to Instagram, catching up on business emails….whatever your reason #YouDoYou and I won’t judge.  It’s your vacation and you spend it how ever you darn well please. ;-) So for all of you readers who need some wi-fi….yes, there is FREE public wi-fi down at the Egg Harbor Marina!

Parking & How To Get There:
There is a parking lot right at the Marina, but we parked our car on the main drag when you’re coming through town.  If you’ve been to Door County before, you know that the towns can get really busy and parking can sometimes be a challenge. So if you find a spot, you better snag it up…I don’t recommend driving around looking for a “better spot” unless you have time (and patience!) We lucked out and found a parking space right in front of the Chocolate Chicken. From there we walked down the hill through Harbor View Park to get to the Marina. 

Harbor View Park- Egg Harbor


What’s Nearby:
There are a lot of really great places within walking distance from the Egg Harbor Marina.  Or take an Eggie Bike around and explore the outer area! You can literally park your car in the morning and keep busy all day right in this little stretch---- 

Wild Tomatoes Pizza (in One Barrel Brewing)
Shipwrecked Brew Pub & Grill
Mojo Rosa’s
The Fireside Restaurant
Parador- Tappas
Casey’s BBQ & Smokehouse
Greens N Grain- Natural Food Market & Café

Door County Sunglasses Company
Maxwell’s House- Home Décor
Plum Bottom Gallery
The Main Street Shops 
Greens N Grain- Natural Food Market & Café
Blacksmith Clothing
Be Beauty Fashion& Home Boutique
Patricia Shoppe- Woman’s Clothing Boutique

Gourmet Treats
Chocolate Chicken- Coffee Shop, Fudge & Ice Cream
Double Delites- Gelato & Candy
Fat Louie’s Olive Oil Company
Grumpy’s- Ice Cream, Popcorn & Rootbeer 
MacReady Artisan Bread Company
Buttercups Coffee

Bars/Craft Beverages
Hatch Distillery
One Barrel Brewing 
Shipwrecked Brew Pub & Grill

*This is not a complete list of businesses surrounding Egg Harbor Marina.  I tried to include every one, but I am only human and may have missed some. 

The fact is, there are SO many places on just that little 3-block stretch…your best option is to walk around and explore...there is really something for everyone…you just need to find it! 

Have fun! 

Milissa & DJ, Owners of DENN- Door County

About the Author, Milissa Kloida-
Milissa is a wife, mother, and passionate Door County resident.

She is a Certified Tourism Ambassador for the Door County Peninsula and a wealth of knowledge for you during your vacation! 

Milissa and her husband, DJ, are the owners of DENN, a new store and creative community in Door County. 
Stop by her store, say hi, and chat during your visit to DC! 


DENN- Door County 
Handcrafted Furniture, Artisan-Made Gifts, Antiques, DIY Supplies
Instagram: @denn_decor 

Did you check out the Egg Harbor Marina?!? Tell me about it!!! 
If you have something to add, or I missed something… I’d love to hear about it!

Please Comment Below! 


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