Candle- Pug Life "Puppy Breath"
Candle- Pug Life "Puppy Breath"

Candle- Pug Life "Puppy Breath"

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Pug Life™ candles are here!

The makers of these candles are proud Pug owners and designed this in honor of their dog Paisley! With her cute wrinkles, squished up nose, and all sorts of interesting sounds, she keeps them quite entertained! 

So what does "Puppy Breath" smell like? Vanilla!
Too bad dog breath didn't REALLY smell that good, right?! ;-)

-Hand poured in small batches into 12 ounce jars

-100% dye free

-100% soy, from US grown soy beans

-Approximately 70+ hour burning time

-Lead and zinc-free, cotton core wicks

-Reusable glass jar


Maker: Lake Life Candle Co- Waunakee, Wisconsin