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Food On A Train & Unique Playground-
PC Junction Restaurant

This is PC Junction…the famous restaurant in Door County that delivers your food ON top of a model train!  But it’s actually SO much more than a unique place to eat with the kids! 

Did you know they also have a really cool outdoor play area?!?! It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before!

Kayaking In Caves! A Must-Do In Door County!

Milissa Kayaking in A Cave

Living in Door County is a total dream, and I didn't think it could get any
better until I recently explored Cave Point from a kayak!

Seriously, this is the MOST BEAUTIFUL moment I've ever experienced in DC!

A Detailed Guide to the 4th Of July in Door County!

4th of July Weekend in Door County

Coming to Door County for America’s Birthday?

Festivities are happening throughout the Peninsula ALL WEEK LONG!

Here’s what is going on in DC for 2019


Free Family Outing on the Waterfront- Egg Harbor 

Free Family Outing on the Waterfront- Egg Harbor Marina

We discovered a fun little gem in EGG HARBOR where we ended up spending the entire afternoon and didn’t spend any extra money. You read that right…TOTALLY FREE,  and the whole gang had fun!  




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